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Can I bring my own vendors (food, decorations, etc.)?

Yes! However, we'll require contact information for preferred vendors. At your request, The Vue at Allisons can provide up to (20) 60" round tables, (7) 6' rectangular tables, and black linen table clothes. Please note any additional requests at time of booking for any applicable fees. 

Can I decorate the interior?

Yes! However, we're strictly against taping/attaching items to the walls, light fixtures and/or ceilings. 

I've contracted or been exposed to COVID. Is there a possibility to reschedule my event?

Yes. Our COVID policy allows for the event to be rescheduled on one occasion within 12 months. Additional information regarding this matter is available for review within your contract. 

Who sets up the tables and chairs for an event?

Our guests have the flexibility to create their own floor design.

Can I use the exterior for additional decorations?

Unfortunately, no. All decorations must remain within the event space. 

I have pictures or videos that I would like to share virtually during the event. Do you have a method available?

Yes! Our guests have the option of virtually displaying photos via the flat screen tv's or by using the screen and projector. 


NO glitter
NO confetti
NO fog machine
NO animals/pets
NO hot plates
NO deep fryers
NO George Forman grills
NO smoking inside, behind, or directly in front of the venue. All smoking must happen in the parking lot area.

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